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Locksmith Breda

Your certified locksmith in Breda is an expert in terms of locks, they can place, replace and open every lock smoothly. For example, when you want to replace your old locks for new ones to improve the safety of your home. Or when your lock isn’t functioning as it should or doesn’t function at all! We can even help you open your safe when the key has disappeared. Do you want advice about burglar prevention or have your safety locks installed? Then too, you can ask for our help. And is there an emergency which you need a locksmith for, you can call our emergency service any time. If you’re standing outside and can’t go inside because you’ve locked yourself out or because of a faulty lock, we will open your lock quickly and without damaging it.
Slotenmaker Breda
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Emergency Service

In case of an emergency you can call your emergency services in Breda. Our locksmiths are available every moment of the day and are able to arrive within 20 minutes.

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Opening Locks

Do you have a broken lock, are you locked outside or can’t enter your home? Call our emergency service right away and we will make sure to open your locks without damaging anything.

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Replacing Locks

By replacing your old locks that don’t meet the safety requirements, you can improve your homesecurity. Let your old locks be replaced for safer locks with an SKG-mark.

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Burglar Prevention

Your locksmith in Breda is an expert in burglar prevention. Our experts can provide you with advice about home security and install certified safety locks, core-pull-protection or multi-point locking systems.


Core Pull Protection

To assemble core-pulling protection on your doors and windows, you can get help from your locksmith in Breda. Locks with a “core-pull-protection” installed can prevent core-pulling, lockpicking and getting your locks drilled out from happening. We always have locks with the SKG-mark in stock.

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Multi-point locking system

Multi-point locking systems contribute to the home security of your house, by closing the door in multiple places in the frame of your door or window. Your locksmith in Breda is always has these multi-point locking systems with an SKG-mark in stock and can deliver and assemble them professionally.


Do you have a question about what kind of lock is best to assemble, it’s best to ask Patrick these questions. Patrick is our lock specialist with a lot of knowledge and experience about this subject. And if you already know which lock you need, Patrick will assemble it for you in no-time.

Lock Expert


Are you playing with the thought of doing more with burglar prevention? In that case, it’s best to make an appointment with our burglar specialist Jeremy. Jeremy can give you advice about preventing a burglary, all of the essential safetylocks and assembling them and he can even repair damages from a burglary.

Lock Specialist


Do you have a problem with a lock or do you want a new lock assembled? Bring in the help of locksmith Vincent then! Vincent is an experienced locksmith that you can call for any lock problem or for installing new locks and hinges. You can also trust the help from Vincent if you’re locked outside or lost your keys.


Emergency Service in Breda

The emergency service from your locksmith in Breda is available 24 hours a day. Because of the fact that we find it important that everyone can be helped directly in case of calamity by an experienced and trustworthy locksmith, even in the weekends and holidays! With calamities we mean things like being locked outside, a broken key which a part of is still inside the lock or a damaged lock that won’t open and close. Has there been a burglary and do you need a new lock urgently? Then too, you can call our emergency services. When you urgently need a locksmith in Breda, we will make sure to arrive within 20 minutes!
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Available 24 hours a day

Locksmith Breda makes sure, by growing and hiring more experienced locksmiths to help you out 24 hours a day.

22 minutes

When you call the emergency services, it takes approximately just 22 minutes for a locksmith to arrive.

1470 happy customers

These customers were before you with urgent lock problems to be solved or for assembling core-pull-protections.

Replacing Locks

We offer all sorts of services regarding locks and hinges. One of the services we provide is replacing your locks in Breda. Changing locks is one of our daily tasks that you’re free to make use of. For example, we can replace your locks for new ones with core-pull-protection or when you want your old locks to be replaced for a multi-point locking system. When your locks don’t meet up to the safety standards we can provide your doors and windows with locks that protect your house from possible breaking-ins.
Slotenmaker Breda
Slotenmaker Breda

Emergency Locksmith Breda

If you need a locksmith urgently, feel free to contact our emergency services. We can think of many scenario’s that you may need a locksmith to arrive urgently. One of those scenario’s is when you can’t enter your house anymore, for example because you’ve been locked outside, your lock has broken or the key has broken off in the lock itself. In these cases it’s necessary for a locksmith to arrive quickly to open your front door. Also when you’ve lost the key of the front door we can arrive quickly to help you out. When there’s been a burglary, you should call the police first and call the locksmith in Breda right after. We can provide your house or property with a new lock or emergency lock right away. Whatever the emergency is, we will do everything to arrive in 20 minutes to resolve the issue.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Breda

Core-pull-protection is a precautionary measure that you can apply to your cylinder locks to protect it from it’s core being pulled out. Core pulling is the most used method by criminals to pull the cylinder out if it’s lock. If you have cylinder locks, you can assemble core-pull-protection to prevent the core from being pulled out. If you don’t have cylinder locks, then you can get a multi-point locking system installed to make your lock much safer.
Are you planning to install a pin-lock on your front door? If you want a pin-lock as a side-lock to be installed on your front door, then it’s probably best to use two pin-locks: one for the top of the door and one for the bottom of the door. If you’d rather not have two locks, then it’s probably best to place the pin-lock at the bottom of your front door.
The letters SKG in the mark stand for “Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw” which means “Foundation of Quality Façade Construction” in Dutch, this is an independent organisation that deals with testing the locks on their delaying function. After testing, the lock will get a rating in the form of stars. An SKG-rating of three stars indicates the highest burglar-resistance.
A multi-point locking system, also known as a multi-point lock, is a type of lock that locks in two or more places. Unlike other locks that only locks in one place in the frame of your door or window, this kind of lock locks itself in multiple places which makes it a lot harder for burglars to break into your home
You know that you have a good lock when it has a safety mark on it, this needs to be an SKG-mark, Those indicate that it’s a safe and trustworthy lock. The stars on an SKG-mark indicates how burglar-resistant it actually is.

Farid from Breda

I was in a hurry to be on time for an appointment. Because of the hurry I forgot the keys inside of the house and when I arrived home, I couldn’t get inside. I searched for a locksmith in the city centre of Breda and fortunately a friendly locksmith arrived quickly.

Manon from breda

After a burglary in our street we were pretty startled because we never really did much about our home security. The next day we decided to look for a locksmith that could fix our locks. They replaced a few locks for safer locks with a safety mark. Now we sleep happily and care-free because of this locksmith.

Rinaldo from Breda

Because we’ve recently bought a home we thought it was a good idea to replace the lock of our front door. We requested an offer by this locksmith, it happened to be not too expensive so we let them replace our locks for a multi-point locking system right away. Thanks for the advice and good service!


Working field Locksmith Breda

The working area of locksmith Breda is through the entire area. We are active in the city centre as well as the surrounding cities and towns. Do you need a locksmith urgently in the centre of Breda? Or do you need a locksmith to replace your locks in Ulvenhout? Locksmith Breda is always in the neighbourhood of Breda. Because of that we can ensure you of a quick arrival of 20 minutes! Wherever